SonofaGunn 2022 Auditions

SonofaGunn 2022 Auditions

Having fled Earth to escape the relentless effects of climate change, the people of Gunnison have established a new society on Gunnisonia, a tiny exo-planet on the outskirts of the galaxy. But after centuries of peace and tranquility, a new threat has emerged. The Nothing is on a collision course with Gunnisonia, bringing with it, well… nothing. But the bad kind of nothing. The good folks of Gunnisonia must act quickly to do something about the Nothing. Will our beloved Gunnisonia prevail? Or will the Nothing infiltrate Gunnisonians’ hearts and minds? Only SonofaGunn 2022: 3001: A Space Oddity will tell.



We, the humble schmoes behind SonofaGunn, invite you, the good the people of our beloved homeplanet Gunnisonia, to be part of this year’s mega-fundraiser cum community theater production. We seek actors, builders, choreographers, kid-wranglers, and did we say actors? In the immortal words of Aaliyah, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”
This is basically “Gunnison’s Got Talent.” If there are two things we have around here, it’s dust and gas. And what do those things create? …… Stars! Which you could be if you audition for SononaGunn 2022: the space odyssey you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, but that you’ll drag your kids and friends to see.
The Captain’s Log is running out of memory because of this darned chip shortage, so let’s wrap this up.

Learn more and submit your video audition (to act) or interest form (for non-acting roles) at:

To Antelope Hills and Beyond!

Paul “Wait, they make movies about space?” Giberson
Erik “Star Trek is woke and I’m here for it” Kjosness
Craig “Don’t let me leave, Murph!” Beebe


SonofaGunn 2022 Auditions:

– Submit VIDEO auditions to the following link by December 1(or scan the code)

– IN-PERSON group auditions December 6 OR 7, 6:00 pm