July In Our Galleries

July In Our Galleries

Show Dates: July 2nd – 30th 


Main Gallery: “Into the Wood” by Chelsea Hoitt

Chelsea has an earnest appreciation for life, nature, and love. She strives to express a veneration toward mortality through her work, to make her audience feel beneath the surface of our world and search for deeper meaning. She hopes to create art that inspires understanding and respect for the circle of life and all its participants.  Wood burning, (pyrography) is a passion of Chelsea’s that she finds very therapeutic. Years ago she fell in love with the slow-paced work, the scent of wood smoke, and the feeling of creating something unique, durable, and somehow both elegant and rustic at the same time. She also paints, tattoos, carves block prints, and creates handmade jewelry using natural, foraged materials. Chelsea’s artwork is currently featured at the Paragon Gallery in Crested Butte, and The Shop at the Gunnison Arts Center.


Upper Gallery: “Art is What You Make It” by Jodee Costello

Jodee has been doodling, coloring, snipping, sewing for as long as she can remember, thanks to an artistic and creative mom.  At age 10 she gave Jodee McCall’s “Big Make It Book” for her birthday.  It spurred her creative urges with pages and pages of projects.  She devoured that book, swore she would make everything in it!  She hasn’t stopped… She will try any medium….inspiration is everywhere!