In Our Galleries: April

In Our Galleries: April

Show Dates: April 2 – 30

Main Gallery: Gunnison High School Senior Excellence Exhibit

Every April, the GAC fills its Main Gallery with the young creative minds of artists within the third and fourth-year art program at Gunnison High School. This exhibit is a creative “capstone” experience in which to display their work. Each artist’s unique style is accentuated through the use of many different media.



Upper Gallery: “A Schoolhouse is for Kids” Ideas about school design by 1 – 6 year old children

This art exhibition will be children’s further exploration and design of the school environment in drawing, paint, clay, photography, wood, and other mediums. Included with artwork will be high-quality documentation of student processes including photographs, interviews with artists, and if available other digital media.


Featured SHOP Artist: Kat Cunningham 

Colorado is known for its abundant wildlife and spectacular flora. Artist, Kat Cunningham, has been inspired by nature’s qualities and the life-cycle connections we have to them. Her artistic message is, when we dig deeper we find a gift that mirrors our physical and emotional side. Kat uses animals to remind us, it is a form of balance we need today.
Kat has compiled a unique collection of fine art and folk art pieces designed to inspire our emotional Side. Her “Field Notes” Collection; from gift items of nature-inspired bookmarks, note cards to gift paper give us a daily connection. Her “Nature at Home” pieces from nature diorama candles, paintings, painted signs and prints give us a closer feeling to harmonizing our environment. It’s proven that just seeing visuals of nature can bring us to cellular balance. For a more personal soulful connection, her “Pasion for Action Animal Deck” and “Sym.bol.ogie” line of “Intentional Style” jewelry reminds us of our daily choices. She asserts, because thoughts are just energy, we can connect them to each piece.
Although new to Gunnison, Kat is not new to the art scene. As a teacher for many years, a Creativity Coach, and now a Folk Artist, her story in art is always to remind people that nature is our connection and that even art is designed to be interconnected as “Oneness”. As nature, we need this form of association to be in a harmonic balance today. This special curated collection will be displayed at the SHOP at the Gunnison Arts Center from March 5 through April 30.