Let’s give thanks to our campaign donors!

The Mac Allister Family Foundation, Bethel Hampton, Jim & Sue Oates, Ralph & Judy Clark, William B. Endner Fund, William Spicer, Nancy Tredway, Dot & Roger Hemminghaus, The Bilby Foundation, John & Sandy Cosentino, Jim & Kathy MacAllister, Tango Boutique, Gunnison County Times, Hap & Narcissa Channell, Charlie & Judy Welch, Pat & Pam Montgomery, MVB Fund, Anonymous, Alpha Mechanical Solutions, High Mountain Liquor in memory of Tom Morrow, Christopher Klein Construction, The Blake Family, Denise Hawk, Bill & Carrie Goddard, Paula Swenson, Bill & Lenni Burke , Craig & Anna Channell, Michael Chiappini, Brian & Lauren Cooper, Cindy Czarnick, The Eastman Family, Jeffery Erwin, MaryoEwell, Linda Fialkoff, Gala Donors, Paul and Enid Holden, Don & Betsy Janney, Katherine Meyer, Carol Johnson & Russ Miller, Tom and Therese Moncrief, Kim Eastman & Scott Morrill, Dale & Jen Orth, Mark & Susie Pike, Carol & David Primus, Lyndsey & Joel Ruehle, Nancy Ruehle, September & Kevin Sack, Schauer Family, Gail & Andy Sovick, Jeff Taylor, Third Sector Innovations, Tom & Polly Venard, Rob and Dani Wattles, Marv Weidner

The Gunnison Arts Center is nearing completion on $3.5 million renovation and upgrade effort. You are invited to get us past the finish line.

The Gunnison Arts Center’s (GAC) 140-year-old historic home sits at the intersection of highways 50 and 135, in the heart of downtown Gunnison, Colorado. Combining a buzz of happenings with the preservation of an iconic historic building, the Framing Our Future project positions GAC as an instrumental partner in creating a charismatic downtown Gunnison.

Imagine revitalizing a historic building as an energy-efficient, multi-use facility with a high-tech performance space, transformational gallery space, a new teaching kitchen, and digital arts lab. The Framing Our Future renovation serves as a catalyst to spur local economic activity, and celebrate the artistic and historic character of the community.

From live music and community theater performances to special event rentals, after school classes that extend education and help with childcare, services and support for professional artists, to program and event collaborations with other nonprofits, the Framing Our Future renovation transforms a beloved community arts center into a vital community amenity.

Why is the renovation needed?
As the Gunnison Valley evolves the Gunnison Arts Center is eager to keep up! Our in-depth analysis determined the current facility hinders our potential for advancement.

Why now?
Our facility has not seen renovation in over 30 years. To assure arts contiune to thrive in our community a renovation is required.

What will be improved?
The Framing Our Future campaign will position the Gunnison Arts Center as a more flexible space, welcome more participants and offer a wider variety of programming.
With the proposed Black Box Theater renovation, the GAC will be able to increase event offerings by 15%. With the addition of the new culinary and digital arts, we stand to gain an offering increase of 40%. Increased event offerings and attendance will economically boost downtown businesses.

How much is still needed?

Phase 1
• preserve building facade and roof
• install modern heating/cooling system and CO2 monitors
• build new teaching kitchen

Phase 2
• upgrade fire alarm, secuity and network
• increase energy efficiency via new windows, led lighting
and window treatments
• build new digital arts lab
• restore historic walls/ceilings/doors/window trim
• install new flooring on second floor
• improvements to dressing rooms and office work spaces
• creating needed storage, multi-use workrooms, and
communal seating areas
• build needed restroom facilities

Phase 3
• install innovative theater seating, technology systems to
allow for flexible multi-use events
• reconfigure gallery for enhanced art display and improve
traffic flow

The Framing Our Future campaign allows for a more flexible space, welcoming more participants and a wider variety of programming.

Help frame the future of the ARTS.

We are committed to creative opportunities for our community. Your support brings new life to our 1882 historic building where people gather to experience expression and entertainment. Join our effort to complete the final critical stages of renovation at the Gunnison Arts Center.

The Gunnison Arts Center is a designated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are eligible for a federal tax deduction. In addition, individuals who pay Colorado State Income Tax are eligible for an Enterprise Zone tax credit on their Colorado return. Donations of $50 or more earn a 25% tax credit.