Open Community Show “The Current Times We Live”

Upper Gallery: History shows a strong relationship between the arts and current happenings. Our society is facing unprecedented times, sparking a sense of urgency to create and express ourselves. This Open Community Show will feature art created by local artists and novice artists alike, showcased in the Upper Gallery. On view during open hours August 7 - September 8, 2020. Featured artwork by WC Bennett.

“Living COLOR-ado” by the Tuesday Night Quilters

Main Gallery: The Tuesday Night Quilters are a diverse community of local women that meet weekly to inspire and mentor each other with different styles and interests expressed through quilts and quilting. This exhibit will feature a collection of large quilts and a special feature of smaller hanging quilts in the center of the gallery. 

“Down the Rabbit Hole: A Collection of Whimsy and Wonder” by Kristin Gruenberger

Main Gallery: This exhibit includes a collection of ceramic tableware and sculpture that will take the viewer down the rabbit hole and into a storybook. Click to learn more!

Six Points Art Show & Silent Auction “Rainbows in the Sky”

Upper Gallery: The artists of Six Points, men and women with disabilities, have created masterpieces of art expressing their own individuality and style using a variety of art mediums. Their artwork is sometimes whimsical and quirky and sometimes earthy and commonsensical, but always fun. Enjoy their artistry! Featured artwork by Mark Treadway.

Crossroads: Change in Rural America

Main Gallery: A Museum on Main Street & Traveling Smithsonian Exhibition. "Crossroads: Change in Rural America" offers small towns a chance to look at their own paths to highlight the changes that affected their fortunes over the past century. The exhibition will prompt discussions about what happened when America’s rural population became a minority of the country’s population and the ripple effects that occurred.

The Art History of the Gunnison Valley

Upper Gallery: "Art History of the Gunnison Valley" ~ A co-exhibition to the Smithsonian. The Art History of the Gunnison Valley tells the surprisingly long and fascinating story of the creation of an art scene in the Gunnison Country. Beginning with the artists who arrived with the early surveys, the exhibition follows the first painters and photographers who settled in the new boom towns.