The Board of Directors governing the GAC is deeply involved, hardworking and dedicated. The GAC Board strives to maintain a diverse mix of locals including a range of ages and a variety of professions. Members serve a three-year term and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The mission and strategic plan, used at every meeting to guide decisions, define the board’s work. As a working board, committees break up the workload, and fundraising and donor cultivation are major responsibilities of members. Trainings are paramount to the GAC Board of Directors maintaining best practice standards. In 2019, members of the GAC Board donated over 750 hours of time working for the Gunnison Arts Center including governance, fundraising and service projects. 100% of Gunnison Arts Center Board Members make an annual financial contribution to support the organization.

Board of Directors

2022 Board:

President: Gail Sovick
Treasurer: Kristyn Niemeyer

Board Members:
Dani Wattles –

“The arts provide wonder and excitement in our everyday lives. It’s such a pleasure to be involved with the Gunnison Arts Center.”




Bev Jordi

“The Gunnison Arts Center offered to me a personal outlet to expand my artistic ability and social circle.  Gunnison Art Center can unite the Gunnison County population under one umbrella.”

Michael Chiappini 

“The Gunnison Arts Center is important to me because it’s a place where the community can get together to enjoy the arts and each other.”




Renata Sieck

Pidge Carlisle

Sooner McKay




Do you like to have fun while meeting new people in the community? Do you want to contribute to the growth and enjoyment of the ARTS in our community? Are you interested in becoming more active in your local Arts community? Do you have time to commit to the promotion of local arts and to the function of the Gunnison Arts Center? The Board of Directors of the Gunnison Arts Center is looking for volunteers to serve on the Board or to provide other support for GAC functions.

The GAC Board is a WORKING BOARD. We meet once each month for 2 hours and serve on various committees, actively participate in GAC events, including our summer concert series “Sundays @ 6”, the yearly GALA event, and other fundraising events. Board members also pledge a financial commitment that is personally comfortable and support the GAC Mission Statement.

If you would like to be considered as a potential Board Member or learn more about Board service please complete the following survey. A Board member will contact you for further discussion.

Thank you for your time and interest! We look forward to welcoming new participants and renewing the activity of previous participants.
New Board Member Survey

“Art ignites imagination and expands our world.”