Main Gallery: “Embodiment” by Paige Stewart

This series is about the process of becoming embodied and the struggle to do just that.

Upper Gallery: “Conversion” by Paige Stewart, Brian Stewart & Mark Lee

Each artist is using discarded trash found in nature to make a unique and thought-provoking positive creation from a negative action. 

Main Gallery: “Into the Wood” by Chelsea Hoitt

Chelsea hopes to create art that inspires understanding and respect for the circle of life and all its participants. 

Upper Gallery: “Art is What You Make It” by Jodee Costello

Jodee has been doodling, coloring, snipping, sewing for as long as she can remember, thanks to an artistic and creative mom...

Main Gallery: “Unframed” by Artists of the Gunnison Valley

In this exhibition of Gunnison greats Karen Hill, Patricia Amlin, Debby Phelps, Susan Crawford, and Chris Miller will create approachable, engageable works on paper.

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