In the Galleries at the GAC

In the Galleries at the GAC

Show Dates: March 6 – 27

Main Gallery: “Herstory: A Connection to Spirit” by Jessie Miller Murphy

Herstory: A Connection to Spirit will interweave mythology, folklore and mysticism through the female perspective. This body of work by Miller Murphy will showcase the power, strength and wisdom of goddesses and female characters throughout history. Miller Murphy’s multi-media artwork has been exhibited across the globe and she currently serves as the Quigley Gallery Manager in WCU’s Art Department. Original photography, alternative printmaking and poetry will complete this exhibit.



Upper Gallery: “Queasy” by Justin Murphy

Justin Murphy utilizes meditation to explore his creativity during his painting process. By combining vibrant color, movement and precise lines, Murphy stays true to traditional motifs and sacred geometry, all while honoring his own personal creative journey. “I strive to produce original geometric arrangements that are at once both familiar and unique to my own process and vision.” Murphy’s exhibit Queasy, will showcase just that.