November 2018 Gallery Exhibits

November 2nd – 26th
Main Gallery: “Harmonious Discord”
Printmaking by Zach Goering
A Western Colorado University Art Department B.F.A. Senior Student Exhibition

“Harmonious Discord” is a visual creation influenced by music. Goering combines symmetry, organic forms, pattern, and color, creating prints and multi-media pieces, while listening to a combination of highly eclectic music. Each piece has its own soundtrack that was listened to during the creation. While Goering’s work is cohesive but not completely registered, his work creates dissonance in the eye of the viewer. The patterns and loud colors create a clashing of the eye but with a feeling of overall harmony.

Upper Gallery: “Wild Visions” Nature Photography by Arden Anderson
Arden has a passion for wandering in the wild places of the planet. As a wildlife biologist he tries to immerse himself in and understand different ecosystems and their inhabitants from the mountains of Colorado to the steaming jungles in the Amazon to the frozen tundra’s of Antarctica. As a photographer he tries to capture a bit of the beauty and magic he finds in these wild lands. As an educator he aspires to share a bit of what he has seen and learned with others in the hope of sparking or reawakening an understanding and appreciation of the natural community we are all part of.