July 2018 Gallery Exhibits

July 6th – 28th: Invitational
Sponsored by Paul and Enid Holden, this invitational is a collaborative effort to provide an accessible community venue and opportunity for talented local artists to exhibit and discuss their artwork. Artists’ lectures will begin at 6 pm during the First Friday Art Walk and gallery opening.

Main Gallery: “Rapport” by Brian Stewart

Local craftsman, Brian Stewart, brings an interactive furniture installation to the Main Gallery. This pop-up space is designed for beneficial conversation and interpersonal development. We invite you to experience, first-hand, the inexhaustible value that emerges from a deeper understanding of each other’s feelings and ideas.

Upper Gallery: “Approaching Professional” by Garnet Glaze
Have you ever wondered how many mug sales would it take to pay an artist’s rent? Chances are, probably not. Pottery derives its roots from a base-need to function and survive, but how does this translate into our capitalist ways? Join Garnet Glaze, a Gunnison local specializing in printmaking and sculpture, as she explores what it means to “make it” as an artist. During the making of “Approaching Professional” Garnet will track time, finances and mindset to tackle the issue of the broke artist.