The Gunnison Council for the Arts, dba Gunnison Arts Center (GAC), is seeking proposals from interested and qualified CONSTRUCTION MANAGER/GENERAL CONTRACTORS to manage/construct a multi-year update and improvement project (The Project) of its 12,000 square feet facility located at 102 S Main St in Gunnison, CO. The GAC is looking for a single firm to provide both construction management and general contracting services. Interested firms should demonstrate experience in both.
Half of the facility is listed on the State Register of Historic Places and half is relatively new (mid-1990s). Some of the improvements can potentially be funded by Colorado State Historical Fund grants, but most will be funded by proceeds from a three-year capital fundraising campaign.


In 2016 the 501c3 nonprofit GAC began an internal examination of long-term needs based on vision; activities included a readiness assessment, an updated strategic plan and a facility master plan. The comprehensive results clearly indicate that the current condition of the GAC facility is the primary barrier to mission effectiveness and that a fundraising campaign is necessary to improve and bring the GAC building up-to-date.

During the last several months, the GAC’s Facility Committee has been identifying needs based on vision and collecting some basic estimates for components of The Project. Components requiring professional schematics are being designed by J Reeser Architect LLC of Gunnison. A roof replacement component, mostly funded by the Colorado State Historical Fund, has been completed.


It is the GAC’s intent to:
• finish gathering The Project component cost estimates
• set a goal amount for the fundraising campaign
• establish a fundraising plan and leadership teams
• plan construction phases with the selected CM/GC
• launch the “silent phase” of the campaign in 2019.
It is further our intent that the fundraising campaign last no longer than two years once the “public phase” is launched, and that construction phases begin and continue as funds are raised.


The specific scope of services may be modified in consultation with the selected CM/GC firm but will include:

Pre-Construction Services: The selected CM/GC will serve as a project consultant to the GAC leadership team, helping to
1) complete cost estimates for remaining project components,
2) establish The Project phases so as to minimize interruptions to GAC operations, and
3).assure that all requirements of History Colorado are met for those components being funded by the State Historical Fund. The CM/GC will evaluate, among other things, availability of materials and labor, The Project schedule, The Project costs as they relate to the established budget, and constructability, while working with the architect throughout the value engineering phases of The Project.
Direct Project Management: The selected CM/GC will directly oversee
1) acquisition of all required permits,
2) selection and supervision of subcontractors,
3) quality of materials and workmanship on each phase and component of the Project,
4) schedule of construction in alignment with the fundraising pace and receipt of gifts, and
5) the successful completion of The Project within available funding parameters and timeline.


Please submit one hardcopy and one digital PDF of the following:
1. Cover sheet with the RFQ title, firm’s business name, lead person on the Project, all contact information and a statement of why the firm is interested in this project.
2. Cost for retaining the firm for the scope of services listed above.
Cost Proposals shall be submitted listing a lump sum fee for Pre-Construction Services and a percentage amount for Direct Project Management, based on available schematic drawings and pre-construction estimates/budget as provided by the GAC. The cost proposal shall be accompanied with information of sufficient detail to clearly identify the fee for services, shall include a detailed schedule of estimated (not-to-exceed) reimbursable and non-reimbursable costs, and shall include any “in-kind donation” deduction of costs to the GAC (The bidder is asked to thoughtfully consider a donation to the Project/GAC, which may provide certain tax and financial benefits). The Cost Proposal should be prepared independently in accordance with the following:
a) Exclusion of any required service may result in the proposal being found non-responsive.
b) Provide a CM/GC staff schedule with staff by name and position.
c) Reimbursable expenses shall be provided at direct cost.
d) The GAC reserves the right to negotiate a reasonable fee for service within the available funds.
3. Statement of qualifications that includes PRIOR PROJECT EXPERIENCE/SUCCESS of three recent completed projects within Gunnison County demonstrating specific CM/GC experience in projects of similar scope and complexity.

• The project/contract name
• Description of services provided
• Overall project construction cost
• Schedule history
• Reference(s) for Owner and Architect
• Brief description of any completed project that included work with a Colorado State Historical Fund grant.

a. Timeliness – In general, CM/GC work is seen as successful if it is on time, on budget and of high workmanship quality. Timeliness is generally based on completion by the originally scheduled date and is indicated by a Certificate of Occupancy. Please demonstrate for each of the above projects how timely delivery occurred.
b. Budget Considerations – Similar to timeliness, being on budget historically means the work was completed within the originally-identified available budget. For purposes of this RFQ, the GAC is interested not only in being within budget but also in the respondent’s ability to address and implement the following issues:
• Scope reduction that maintains project function
• Value engineering
Demonstrate how you accomplished CM/GC services while demonstrating cost control for the above project examples.
c. Services Disruption
Demonstrate how your services on the above project examples dealt with issues of disruption at existing facilities, etc. as applicable.
d. Encourage In-Kind Donations of Subcontractor Time and Supplies
As a nonprofit community organization, the GAC wishes to reduce the cost of The Project to the greatest extent possible and intends to be actively involved in soliciting in-kind donations from subcontractors and material suppliers after the project is awarded. The GAC requires the selected CM/GC to work closely with the GAC to seek out these cost savings upon project award and throughout construction.
a. Claims/Litigation History of Firm
Provide information on any past, current or anticipated claims (i.e. knowledge of pending claims) on respondent contracts; explain the litigation, the issue, and its outcome or anticipated outcome.
b. Bonding
Demonstrate bonding capability up to $3 million for an individual project coincidental with current and anticipated workloads; provide letter from surety that affirms this capacity.
c. GAC Campaign Building Committee
Throughout The Project, the GAC will be represented to the CM/GC by the Campaign Building Committee (CBC) serving as the official liaison between the GAC and the CM/GC. The CBC will be involved in the CM/GC selection process, making recommendations to the GAC Board of Directors, and will be expected to meet regularly with the CM/GC throughout The Project’s time-line to completion.


The GAC will enter into a contract for services based upon the Cost Proposal supplied by the selected firm. Incremental payments will be made to the firm upon receipt of invoices for The Project duration. Specific tasks to be performed by the CM/GC include those generally performed by the CM/GC construction community where the construction manager is also the general contractor. Contract administration is the duty of an Owner’s Representative, not the architect.


All respondents accept the conditions of this RFQ, including, but not limited to, the following:
1. Late submittals shall not be evaluated. Facsimile submittals shall not be accepted.
2. The GAC reserves the right to reject any or all unresponsive proposals to this RFQ or for failure to disclose requested information.
3. The GAC shall not be liable for any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation of submittals and proposals nor in costs related to any element of the selection and contract negotiation process.


While cost is important, this is not necessarily a low bid selection process. Selection will be based on
proven experience, capacity to provide the necessary services, cost and references.

This Cost Proposal is a binding offer to perform the services associated with the Scope of Services described in this RFQ. The GAC reserves the right to negotiate a cost adjustment based on scope clarification, subsequent to selecting a CM/GC and prior to contract execution.


1. There will be a mandatory facility walkthrough on March 14, 2019 at 9:30 AM.
2. Proposal submittals can either be dropped off at or sent to: GAC, 102 S Main St, Gunnison, CO, to the attention of Carlie Kenton, by April 12, 2019.
3. Selection will be recommended by The Project leadership and approved by the Board of Directors by April 25, 2019.
4. A final contract will be negotiated and entered into by May 6, 2019.


Please direct questions to: GAC Executive Director Carlie Kenton, 970-641-4029,
Project Co-Chair Hap Channell, 970-209-5259,